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"Christian families are experiencing spiritual revival through Biblical home education."

Elizabeth Smith, National Spokesperson, wife of Homeschool Legal Defense Association President J. Michael Smith

"The best gift a parent can give their child is an education with the Word of God as it's foundation in the safety of a loving home.  So whether your child is 2 or 16, start homeschooling today." Denise Kanter


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FREE Homeschool Package

"Simple Steps to Home Education"

Would you like to know more about homeschooling?  Or, maybe you are already homeschooling and have a desire to help your friends and family with homeschool information, but do not have everything compiled in one place. Well, we have done it for you, and it's free! 

We have put together a powerpoint presentation and an accompanying syllabus that anyone with a computer or television can use.  (Note: the television presentation would require a DVD, it too is free, just e-mail us for it). 

In the privacy of your own home you and your spouse can sit down and review the the powerpoint right here on-line.  And for a review, print out the syllabus so you can visit some of the links we have suggested.

Or, if you would like to help others, just download the powerpoint and syllabus below, invite some friends over, provide each guest with a copy of the syllabus and play the presentation.   Share some of your homeschooling insights and be available for questions and answers. There is a place at the end of the syllabus for you to add a few of the local homeschool resources such as your state Christian Homeschool group, ISP's, support groups or upcoming homeschool seminars.

Updated May 23, 2006

Click here To view the Simple Steps Powerpoint on-line.  It may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.

To download and save to your computer you must either have Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 or the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.  The viewer is available for free from Microsoft.   Click Here 

To download the powerpoint - Download - right click, save as.  It may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.

To print the accompanying syllabus - Word Doc. Click Here 

To View the DVD On-Line
<A HREF="http://www.msen.org/SimpleSteps.wmv">Play the clip using the stand-alone player</A>

Can't view the clip? Download the player plug-in from Microsoft

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